ServiceNow & ITSM Value Day

Ensuring effective IT service management is imperative to retain a competitive advantage. Organizations address this issue by adopting ITSM best practices and advanced tools like ServiceNow. However, true value can only be achieved by utilizing the full capabilities of these practices and tools.

Watch our exclusive virtual event ServiceNow & ITSM Value Day to discover the benefits of advanced ServiceNow capabilities.

Why Watch the Recordings:
  • 4 unique sessions that cover a wide range of ServiceNow-related topics, hands-on cases, live DEMOs, and Q&A with seasoned ServiceNow experts.
  • Discover how to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, precisely evaluate performance, and improve customer service by leveraging the full potential of ServiceNow.

Session #1: How Service Maps can Improve Service Quality & Reduce IT Costs
  • IT service lifecycle stages
  • Common Service Data Model
  • What is a Service Map?
  • How to build a Service Map?
  • Live Demo: ServiceNow Service Mapping implementation
  • Case Study: How Service Mapping enhanced service quality for a Global Audit Company
  • Q&A session

Session #2: Best Practices for Implementing ServiceNow KPI Reporting
  • Effective evaluation of IT service performance
  • Best practices for setting up ITSM KPIs
  • Live Demo: Ready-to-use ServiceNow KPI Reporting Solution
  • Q&A session

Session #3: The Value of an IT Self-Service Portal in the Digital Age
  • Top 5 reasons for having a self-service portal
  • How to build an effective self-service portal
  • Essential self-service portal functionalities
  • Case Study: Swift incident resolution for a Manufacturing Company with a scalable Self-Service Portal
  • Q&A session

Session #4: How Virtual Agents Can Enhance Customer Services
  • Next level of self-service with chatbots
  • ServiceNow chatbot capabilities: Embedding, Integration, Customizations
  • Live Demo & Case Study
  • Q&A session

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