Preparing for the Future of Application Packaging with MSIX

As volumes of software grow, sustaining an effective IT environment is becoming increasingly difficult. To address this challenge, ensure business continuity and improve cost-efficiency, organizations can utilize application packaging – an advanced process that facilitates software configuration and deployment, reduces risks of software failure, and enables effective IT infrastructure administration.

With 100+ domain experts, 15+ years’ experience, and 3 cutting-edge proprietary solutions, Infopulse delivers a full spectrum of application packaging services. The emergence of the MSIX application packaging format has urged us to help our customers to prepare and drive business value from the occurring changes in the application packaging domain.

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Watch the webinar to learn more about:
1. Driving business value with application packaging. Key benefits of the technology:

  • Streamlined processes across every stage of application deployment and support lifecycle;
  • Swift, unattended and secure software installations and updates;
  • Reduced risk of software failures and decreased IT support expenses.

2. Comprehensive overview of MSIX – a new universal packaging format:

  • MSIX advantages – optimized network bandwidth, disk space, guaranteed uninstalls and more;

3. Best practices for successful MSIX implementation:

  • MSIX distribution and deployment;
  • Ensuring the efficient configuration of the MSIX packaging tool;
  • Simple methods of migrating applications to MSIX.

4. Application compatibility assessment for MSIX:

  • Conducting MSIX conversion compatibility testing;
  • Utilizing Package Support Framework to overcome MSIX compatibility issues.

5. Prepare for migration to MSIX and cloud.

Our Speakers
  • Eugene Mikhnenko – Head of Digital Transformation, Infopulse
  • Leonid Zhelnovsky – Head of Application Packaging Practice, Infopulse

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