Top 5 eCommerce Platforms to Move Your Business Online

With the COVID-19 outbreak reshaping all facets of business, retailers are struggling to mitigate financial and operational short-term consequences. Work-from-home policies caught many companies off-guard, making them move their business online without a clear strategy and relevant tools. Even though the long-term impact is still uncertain, there is a clear trend of shifting to eCommerce marketplaces for commercial success and customer engagement. However, choosing the right platform to move online can be challenging.

Register to watch our exclusive webinar "Top 5 eCommerce Platforms to Move Your Business Online" to get a head start on your digital transformation. During the webinar, the subject matter experts from Infopulse & TietoEVRY will share practical tips on choosing the relevant eCommerce platform based on their vast experience in the field.

Watch the webinar to learn more about:
  • COVID-19 Impact on retail and why moving online is important for your business;
  • Optimal eCommerce platforms to help you move your retail business online;
  • Overview of the Top 5 platforms for eCommerce;
  • How to identify best eCommerce platform for your business?;
Expert speakers:
  • Jesper Moller, Customer Experience Engagement Manager, Infopulse
  • Borys Sokolov, Senior Software Engineer, Infopulse
  • Jaakko Hallavo, Principal –°onsultant, Customer Experience Management, TietoEVRY
  • Nicolas Romi, Principal –°onsultant, Customer Experience Management, TietoEVRY

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