Top 5 Mistakes in Building QA Automation

Automation is an essential part of an efficient QA strategy: it enables faster bug discovery, reduces the rates of human errors, and brings improved software quality and faster time-to-market as the result.

However, leveraging automation across the software development lifecycle is a challenging task. What we have seen in our practice, many businesses make the same mistakes that hamper QA productivity and result in ineffective or failed QA automation.

With almost 30 years of background in software development & QA, Infopulse has hands-on experience in solving complex QA challenges for SMEs and large enterprises. Our goal is to share our expertise to help you build QA automation that runs like clockwork. We will show the real examples of issues that we often find, and how we helped our customers to fix them.

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Watch the webinar to learn more about:
  • What is QA automation? Why is it essential to build QA automation the right way?
  • Top 5 common mistakes in QA automation that companies often make.
  • Best practices for avoiding those mistakes, based on real cases.
  • Q&A session with seasoned QA automation experts.

Our speakers:
  • Serge Gotovkin, Engagement Manager, Software Engineering and Consulting, Infopulse
  • Mike Chub, Head of QA Practice, Infopulse
  • Andrew Bykov, Senior QA Manager, Infopulse

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