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Infopulse TelcoTalks №1: Communications in Times of Crisis – Story of Vodafone Ukraine

The Ukrainian telecommunications sector in 2022 was and still is impacted by the war in the country. Continuous attacks on telecom networks and energy facilities are causing chaos… In the first days of the invasion, 40 million Ukrainians dreaded that communication would collapse, leaving them without mobile or internet service in anxious times.

But it hasn’t. Thanks to a decisive effort of Ukrainian operators under immense pressure.

Having been a partner of Ukraine’s top mobile operator, Vodafone Ukraine, for more than 20 years, Infopulse invites you to watch our insightful discussion on telecommunications in times of crisis. We are going to focus on the crucial steps Ukrainian telcos took to keep a country of such size as Ukraine connected during wartime and speak with exclusive guests from the Ukrainian telco industry.

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  • Infopulse in the telecom industry: synergizing IT and Telco expertise for 20+ years
  • The impact of military activities on the business of the national mobile operator: infrastructure and service challenges
  • National roaming – historical step to connect
  • Affordable roaming in the European countries and negotiations with western partners
  • Managing free data: network capacity and performance management
  • Infrastructure maintenance and relocation
  • Organization of work and outsourcing for telcos during the wartime period
  • Starlink: satellite internet as a vital part of the critical infrastructure support
  • Q&A session

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Illia Zavialov

Senior Communications Manager, Infopulse

Viktor Galenko

Engagement Manager, Infopulse

Iaroslav Mykhaliuk

Head of IT Operations Division, Vodafone Ukraine