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Power BI Design: Wrapping Your Data in Reports That Shine

Valuable insights that help businesses build a successful strategy do not appear out of nowhere. It takes thorough data gathering, in-depth analysis, and well-thought-out presentation to unravel the real meaning behind the piles of corporate data. With Microsoft Power BI reports, you can be sure to utilize every piece of that data crafted into convenient reports. With Power BI Design service, you can be sure to display those reports in the best possible way.

As a certified Microsoft partner for Power BI solutions, Infopulse is eager to help you achieve more with your Power BI setup and facilitate your corporate report generation.

Register to watch our webinar – "Power BI Design: Wrapping Your Data in Reports That Shine". During the webinar, you will discover the advantages of custom-made Power BI templates, learn how your corporate style can be incorporated into the reports, and see how Power BI design works on the example of a project demo.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to Power BI Design: how custom templates can help overcome challenges of long-term Power BI users.
  • Lifting enterprise operational efficiency with a unified, corporate-branded reporting platform.
  • From a design concept to Power BI implementation to legacy reports redesign: a way to introduce Power BI Design for your organization.
  • A project demo based on a real-life redesign case for an agro giant.
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Mariia Kalachova

BI & Data Management Software Engineer, Infopulse