SAP on Azure Solutions: Cybersecurity and Business Continuity

1.5 Hours

Digital transformation has long become an integral part of the business's development and scaling strategy. Yet still, security and data privacy remain the top priorities to consider for decision-makers, who decided to move critical infrastructure applications to the cloud.

Register to watch our exclusive webinar "SAP on Azure Solutions: Cybersecurity and Business Continuity". You will learn how to efficiently migrate SAP solutions to the Azure cloud and securely store and manage data.

Armed with 17 years of Microsoft partnership experience, Infopulse experts will help you understand the core business and technical aspects of the Microsoft Azure stack (Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery) to protect your organization from data leaks and cyber threats.


1. Accelerating the Intelligent Enterprise

  • SAP and Microsoft partnership benefits
  • Digital transformation roadmap

2. Migrating SAP Enterprise Solutions to Microsoft Azure Cloud as a proven market strategy

  • Global trends in the migration of enterprises to the cloud
  • Benefits of SAP migration to Azure
  • Value for business and IT

3. Overview of Azure Security Services

  • Protecting data and applications from network vulnerabilities
  • Access control, encryption methods, OS security
  • Cloud Security and Audit Compliance, monitoring solutions

4. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

  • Strategy for SAP on Azure
  • Overview of BCDR architectures
  • Recommendations on data backups


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Vadym Popov

Expert IT Engineer, Managed Services and Solutions

Viktor Golub

Senior Security Specialist, Managed Services and Solutions