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IT Operations Management for Cloud Environments. All you need to know

Modern digital requirements are getting more complex and overwhelming for IT departments to handle. IT operations management (ITOM) plays a key role in this process. It involves the administration of infrastructure, services, applications, and assets, which can be cumbersome and pricey to manage on-premises only.

To avoid critical downtimes and reduce incident response time, it is vital to map out enterprise services and applications with the ServiceNow Discovery and Service Mapping tool. It maps the application services of your organization and builds a holistic and connected map of the network infrastructure with the services it supports.

Infopulse experts from our ServiceNow competence center will demonstrate to you how the migration to ServiceNow can streamline the performance and delivery of your IT services.

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • ITOM in the cloud: challenges and benefits
  • Horizontal and top-down discovery and service mapping
  • Success factors for discovery and service mapping in the cloud
  • ITOM solution examples: Cloud /On-prem /Hybrid
  • Q&A session
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Sergii Kyrylenko

Head of ServiceNow Practice at Infopulse

Volodymyr Alekseyenko

ServiceNow Expert Software Engineer at Infopulse